Comic 318 - Vacation & Boston Comic Con!
6th Aug 2018, 2:21 PM
Vacation & Boston Comic Con!
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Jackie M edit delete
Jackie M
Heeeeeeey - so I’m off on vacation! I’ll still be around on social if you need me, but Kay and P/commissions are on break until September.

I’ll post updates later this week too, but as a heads up I’ll be at Boston Comic Con this weekend! I’ll have all those books, art and prints that you love! Come see me then!

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User comments:
Jesper (Guest) edit delete reply
Hey there. I love this comic, and just wonder what the odds are that it will continue?
Jackie M edit delete reply
Jackie M
Hey there! Thanks for commenting and my... pretty late replying! (Many apologies for that!)

I love the Lady as well, and absolutely have more story ideas for her. Right now I'm trying to wrap up some big projects and my other comic (Kay and P) but I absolutely would entertain the idea of coming back to this world at some point. I can't say when, but not out of the question.

EyeQuestOn edit delete reply

In other words - as per my title here - Pheww!

Will eagerly keep an eagle eye to my spyglass to see when You're next on the horizon.

From EyeQuestOn (Ian across the Pond in Brighton, United Kingdom)
Jackie M edit delete reply
Jackie M
Aw, thanks so much! If you have an Instagram, twitter, Facebook etc I would recommend following me there - I probably won't get messages here quite as quickly. (You can find me pretty much anywhere @kayandp!)