The Adventures of the Lady Skylark

A steampunk story about pirates, treasure, gentlemen and of course the Lady Skylark herself. - Updates Mondays!
Lady Skylark and the Queen's Treasure - Page 179
Lady Skylark and the Queen's Treasure - Page 179
15th Aug 2015, 12:06 PM in The Queen's Treasure
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Author Notes:
Jackie M
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Jackie M

So I'm on vacation for a couple weeks as I do in August, so before the next page with awesome new characters, you'll probably see some sketches or lighter fare! I hope you'll forgive me and my tired hand a little break, but I definitely won't leave you without anything to look at!

I'll see you with the next proper page on Sept. 5th!

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User comments:
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Awesome! Take your time, everyone needs a vacation! <3
Oz (Guest)
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Haha this is wonderful!