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Lady Skylark and the Queen's Treasure - Page 236-237
Lady Skylark and the Queen's Treasure - Page 236-237
17th Oct 2016, 7:26 PM in The Queen's Treasure
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Jackie M
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Jackie M
It's up, thank goodness....

A word on the next couple weeks of comic updates.

Long story short, the next few weeks of comic updates are going to be a tad erratic. Today’s page of Lady Skylark is now up, and there will just be one page of Kay and P this week and next week, posted on Tuesday.

It sucks and I’m sorry, but I’ve tried my best to keep updates going as scheduled this month and I’ve just fallen behind.

A lot of you probably don’t know I have three jobs (all of which I love). I make comics (Kay and P, and Lady Skylark); I freelance illustration gigs and I teach. Two of those jobs actively pay the bills, and sadly it’s not the comics. The comics support themselves, but they don’t keep on my lights, feed me or pay my rent. When something needs to give, it sadly has to be the comics. In September and October, I had the distinct pleasure to pick up two REALLY big illustration gigs, and had some more hours teaching. I figured I could get all my work done and keep updates on, but I ate through my backlog and now with deadlines looming I have to give my time to the freelance work. I’ve worked myself into getting sick (cold plus ocular headaches), and even though I will finish my freelance work I just can’t push myself this hard for another two-to-three weeks. As soon as November rolls around, I’ll have the breathing room to get back on track and get a backlog again, I know it!

In the meantime, I hope you can forgive the messy update schedule. I can’t wait to share the illustration projects I’m working on with you - they are looking awesome and will be fun to play around with in the future.

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User comments:
Dana (Guest)
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You have nothing to apologize for. I'm happy you have such big gigs to work on and can't wait to see your projects!
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Just discovered your comic and I love your style! Great story too :D

I'm looking forward to your return of updates, but I totally know what it is like to juggle things, so no need to feel bad.