The Adventures of the Lady Skylark

A steampunk story about pirates, treasure, gentlemen and of course the Lady Skylark herself. - Updates Mondays!
TCAF 2018!
TCAF 2018!
4th May 2018, 7:58 PM
Author Notes:
Jackie M
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Jackie M
Hey folks! Not dead, ha ha... It took a LONG TIME to put together the third act of Lady Skylark, but it's here - and debuting at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival in Toronto, Canada! Chris and I are super excited, since this is our first trip to Canada. Anything cool we should see?

After we return, the books will be on sale in our shop. More on that later!

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User comments:
Rennet (Guest)
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I am honestly shocked. And pleased. This isn't just a resurrection. It's freaking necromancy!